china fujian open first round/ competition between 2 masters, lin dan lost to kento at 21-凯时平台

2018-11-07 17

18李 福州公开赛3.jpg  


     in the past three weeks, lin dan has participated in consecutive competitions and got 2 wins in total. this season's record is only 20 wins and 14 losses. in the recent german game was defeated by the unknown indian player dey. this week, lin dan played in the china open. in the first round, he encountered the world's number one kento momota. the latter has 62 wins and 6 losses in this season so far and won the championships of many events including the world championships. in previous japan open, lin dan was dismissed by kento. and the two games only got 8 points and 10 points respectively.

      both lin dan and kento are masters of the hoisting. in the first game, both of them started to slap more than one shot. when the chance is not good, neither of them willing to attack opponent first. but kento leads the technical timeout by 1 point. after the pause, kento speeded up and stretch the score difference to 17-10 by assault quickly. he keep leading about 5 points. at last kento won the first game at 21-15.

       in the second game, there’s no much change on tactics and styles . the steady multi-slap hangs is the main theme. kento intends to take more shots with lin dan to consume lin dan’s strength. their battle just like to be fighted with their own shadow . lin dan in the second half of the second half of the 17-12 lead,  but after the end of the acceleration, tao tian gradually recovered and overtake the score, and finally won the game at 23-21.

       throughout the game, both lin dan and kento are equal to each other in ability. but the   biggest difference is lin dan does not have the quick-shot at the key-point time. so kento has his own method to get point and control the game rhythm on his hand.